50% discount on co-payment

Our 50% discount on co-payment is still available! When your doctor scheduled you for a day-procedure, ask him to use Centurion Day Hospital. Remember – its your choice.

At Centurion Day Hospital, we are a Preferred Service Provider for Discovery Key Care and Delta members! We also accept any other Medical Aid, and private patients, at our state of the art facility.

Welcome to new doctor

Welcome Dr. Colleen Krog

Centurion Day Hospital is very pleased to welcome Dr. Colleen Krog to our team. She is an Aneasthetist with a special interest in Paediatrics, Vascular surgery and Cardiology. Dr. Krog has an additional qualification in Critical Care and enjoys reading, music, running and travelling in her free time. We are looking forward to a long relationship with you Dr. Krog!