Why choose a Day Hospital?

• MYTH 1: Staffing – Day Hospitals do not have the necessary skilled staff to deal with the surgeon’s specific cases.
• MYTH 2: There are no measurements in place if a case complicates and in need for transfer to acute hospital.

• MYTH 3: Day hospitals does not have the necessary equipment or instrumentation to perform certain day

• FACT 1: Centurion Day Hospital has experienced, highly skilled & qualified registered nursing & theatre staff in place.
• FACT 2: Centurion Day Hospital has a protocol in place with Netcare 911 and Unitas Emergency unit in case of any emergency.
• FACT 3: Centurion Day Hospital is equipped with superior quality instrumentation and  equipment. If specific equipment or instrumentation is needed for a specialized procedure, it is procured

Fixed Fees

A Fixed fee is a quoted amount for a planned procedure that includes hospital cost related to the clinical treatment for your day procedure.
Fixed fee packages cover a range of diagnostic and surgical day procedures
  • The hospital cost of  planned treatments is included.
  • Doctor fees such as treating doctors and anaesthetist
  • Associated provider fees rendered during the stay (e.g. Scopes, Endoscopic equipment and pathology tests etc)
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Take home medication