Dental Surgery at Centurion Day Hospital

A visit to the dentist is not a pleasurable experience for most people and the thought of dental surgery can be even more daunting. The fact of the matter is that avoiding the dentist’s office can lead to numerous complications and the importance of good oral health can not be overstated. Unfortunately, there are still a number of medical issues that may arise despite the best efforts of an individual to maintain good oral health and in some cases, surgery might be required to address a problem. 

Dental surgery is an umbrella term used to describe various procedures that seek to correct conditions and defects in and around the mouth and a wide variety of these procedures are performed at Centurion Day Hospital.

Dental Surgeries Performed at Centurion Day Hospital:


During an apicoectomy, a dental surgeon removes the tip of the root of an infected tooth in order to gain access to the root. The infected tissue is then removed from around the tip and a filling is placed at the end of the root in order to contain and eliminate any bacteria that is left in the canal system after it has been cleaned. The procedure can take up to 90 minutes to complete and patients could experience swelling for up to two weeks after the surgery.

Dental Extraction

There are many reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted. Infection, tooth decay and a lack of space could lead to the extraction of the affected tooth. The type of extraction that is used is determined by the accessibility of the tooth that is to be extracted. A simple dental extraction is used on teeth that are easily accessible while surgical dental extraction is reserved for teeth that are harder to reach and requires a surgical incision into the connective tissue in order to be able to extract the tooth. 

Dental Implants

A dental implant is made up of an implant fixture that is inserted into the jawbone or skull. The fixture then fuses with the bone over time and creates a strong base to which a dental prosthesis can be fixed. The implant acts as the root of a missing tooth and is able to provide an orthodontic anchor.  


A dentectomy is the extraction of all of a patient’s teeth. This dental surgery is normally used to enable individuals to use dentures and in some cases when a patient’s teeth are severely damaged or infected.

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