Centurion Day Hospital – An Ideal Alternative for Children

When your child is in need of surgery it can cause a considerable amount of stress for both of you. Even if it is not an intensive procedure, the thought of sending them in for an operation could weigh on your mind, especially if they need to spend a night in the hospital. Oftentimes the sheer scale of an acute hospital can be daunting, especially to a young child. Fortunately, day hospitals are able to perform various surgical procedures on children as well as adults, which can help to make surgery a more positive experience overall. 

What Makes Day Hospitals Different? 

Patients at a day hospital are discharged on the same day as their surgery as there are no overnight facilities and patients are never required to stay the night. This means that you will always be able to take your child home after their surgery, eliminating the stress of staying alone in an unfamiliar place. The fact that you do not have to spend extended periods of time in the hospital also means that your risk of infection is greatly reduced. The risk of infection in an acute hospital is extremely high because of the wide range of ailments that are treated at such a facility, and also because of the long periods of time that many sick people spend there. At a day hospital, these factors are not present which greatly reduces your risk after surgery.  

Day hospitals are well equipped to perform a range of surgical procedures on children and adults. These facilities are able to invest more into equipment and infrastructure because the overheads of running a day hospital are far less than that of an acute hospital. The reduced operating costs also means that most procedures at a day hospital are less expensive. A day hospital is usually a much smaller facility with a limited amount of patients at any given time. Staff are able to connect with patients more easily and create a more personal experience, which could go a long way to make children less nervous about their surgery. Day hospitals are also able to schedule surgery times very accurately and patients will not have to wait at the hospital for a long period of time before their surgery is performed.  

At Centurion Day Hospital we are dedicated to providing quality care to all of our patients. We perform various surgical procedures on children and our friendly staff will help to make the experience as pleasant as possible for you and your family. Visit our website or contact us for more information on any of the procedures performed at our facility.