Post-Operative Instructions to Help You During Your Recovery

The recovery period is often the worst part of going in for surgery. The lack of mobility and the discomfort that comes with surgery can easily get on a patient’s nerves and cause them to disregard their surgeon’s post-operative instructions. This, unfortunately, can often cause more complications that might lead to the extension of the recovery period. The good news is that when you follow your doctor’s instructions, you will spend less time in recovery and you will be able to see the results of your surgery sooner!  

So what are the post-operative instructions to speed up your recovery?

Get Enough Rest

Most surgeons will agree that rest plays a big part in any patient’s recovery process. Sufficient rest gives your body time to recover properly, but it also greatly reduces the likelihood that an injury may occur. In some cases, simply walking around too soon can lead to complications or cause you pain. Patients are advised to refrain from any strenuous activity for a period of time, depending on the surgery they received. Your doctor will provide you with a timeframe for your recovery, indicating when you should be able to once again perform your everyday activities.  

Wound Care

Caring for your wounds is extremely important as infection can lead to a whole host of problems. Wounds should be kept clean and dry for a number of days, depending on the procedure that was performed. Patients will only be able to shower after a few days, and scrubbing the wound should be avoided as much as possible. Patients might receive a post-operative compression bandage to wear over their wound. This bandage helps to reduce the swelling and helps the body to heal. Patients may be instructed to remove their wound dressing at home and replace it with an adhesive bandage. This should only be done as instructed by a surgeon, and any uncertainty should be discussed with your doctor. 

Pain Management

You will be prescribed medication to mitigate the majority of the pain that you might experience. It is important to avoid alcohol during your recovery as this can lead to certain complications, especially when used in conjunction with pain medication. Ice packs can be applied to a wound to help reduce pain and inflammation. Heat pads can also be used to the same effect, but only when your doctor has approved it. Ice packs and heat pads can be used regularly, but patients should be cautious of using either of these for extended periods of time.

There’s no reason to be nervous when you come for surgery at Centurion Day Hospital! Our team of professional surgeons will discuss these post-operative instructions with you in more detail to put your mind at rest. We will answer all of your questions and ensure that your worries are put to rest. Book a consultation today to speak to one of our dedicated staff members, or browse our website for more information on any of the procedures performed at our facility.