Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery at Centurion Day Hospital

Maxillofacial surgery is a term used to describe a variety of procedures that aim to treat defects and conditions that affect the mouth, teeth, jaws or face. Dental surgery is another broad term for a set of procedures that is specifically focused on the teeth and gums. These surgeries are often grouped under the umbrella term of maxillofacial and dental surgery to describe a set of procedures performed in the region of the face, head, neck and mouth. Surgeons within this field can treat patients that have sustained facial injuries, offer reconstructive surgery, perform dental implants, and even treat patients that present with tumours or cysts in their jaws.

A variety of maxillofacial and dental surgeries are performed at Centurion Day Hospital. Our state of the art facilities enables us to consistently provide quality care for all of our patients.

Procedures Performed at Centurion Day Hospital:


In dentistry, a frenectomy refers to the removal of connective tissue within the mouth, called a frenulum, that causes problems with speech or eating. A maxillary frenectomy removes a frenulum that connects the upper gums to a patient’s front teeth while a lingual frenectomy involves removing a frenulum connecting the underside of the patient’s tongue to the floor of the mouth. 

Gingival Graft

A gingival graft is a procedure intended to treat patients with receding gums. Gum recession exposes the roots of teeth, which could lead to numerous complications if left untreated. During the surgery, tissue from the roof of the mouth is removed and grafted onto the affected area of the gums to reduce the recession.

Orthodontic attachment

Orthodontic attachments are small pieces of orthodontic material that have been shaped according to the function they serve. These attachments can be used in conjunction with orthodontic aligners to realign teeth, treat a bite problem and reposition teeth that are out of place.

Sinus Floor Augmentation

A sinus augmentation surgery is performed to increase the amount of bone tissue in the upper jaw. An incision is made into the gum tissue and the exposed bone is lifted into the sinus cavity in order to protect the sinus cavity when a patient receives dental implants.

Centurion Day Hospital is a trusted name in the field of maxillofacial and dental surgery and our staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care to all of our patients. Book a consultation with one of our qualified surgeons today, or browse our website for more information on any of the procedures performed at our facility.