Advantages of Using a Day Hospital

In South Africa, overcrowded hospitals and overworked staff members is an issue that many facilities have had to deal with and the need to expand and diversify healthcare options has become more evident. Since the early 2000s, the accessibility and capabilities of day hospitals have greatly increased worldwide. The demand for day hospitals has also intensified internationally as the public becomes more aware of the benefits of these facilities. 

So what makes a day hospital different?

Lower Cost:

In most businesses, you are stuck with the same set of rules: Your income has to outweigh your spending to stay afloat. Hospitals are no exception to this rule, but many of the costs associated with running an acute facility, such as overtime pay for staff and overnight facilities, are not present at a day hospital. The costs that an acute facility incurs from its increased operating hours, and often its large premises, are therefore eliminated. This allows day hospitals to decrease their overall spending, which enables them to perform the same procedure on a patient for a reduced price. Certain procedures can cost up to 28% less in a day hospital than they would have in an acute facility. 

Well Equipped and Reduced Risk of Infection:

A recent study that was done abroad found that around 70% of surgical procedures conducted in an acute facility can be performed at a day hospital. The facilities within a day hospital are oftentimes more advanced as they can invest more into specific facilities. The quality of care provided is something that is also brought into question. Numerous studies have shown that one of the biggest risks posed to a hospital patient is the hospital itself. In large, densely occupied hospitals, the risk of infection from another patient is too high to ignore. In contrast, day hospitals are able to provide a safer, more sterile environment to their patients by reducing the amount of time that patients spend at the hospital, as well as patients’ proximity to one another. 

More Convenient:

We have grown accustomed to medical procedures being tiresome, arduous endeavours that take up a great deal of time. This is largely due to the overbooked schedules of hospitals and their surgeons. Every person who has been to an acute care facility can recall an instance when they were left waiting in a room an hour after they had arrived for their appointment. This is where day hospitals truly stand out. With many day hospitals providing the option to schedule a procedure online, the process has been streamlined to provide patients with efficient and convenient access to services. Less uncertainty means that these facilities can better plan and predict their daily schedules.

In the end, every patient will have their own story to tell about their experience. The hope is that the trend towards more affordable care for all will keep growing. Contact Centurion Day Hospital to take advantage of all the benefits our facility has to offer! Book a consultation today to discuss your options with one of our dedicated staff members.