Different Dental Procedures and Their Impact on Oral Health

When it comes to our health, oral hygiene often takes a backseat despite its profound impact on our overall well-being. For many, the gateway to healthy self-esteem begins with a radiant smile, which requires well-maintained teeth. Dental procedures play a pivotal role in preserving and enhancing your oral health, ensuring that those pearly whites stay in top-notch shape.

Come along as we take a look at the importance of dental hygiene and explore some of the key procedures performed at Centurion Day Hospital.

The Importance of Dental Care

The purpose of good oral health goes beyond having a dazzling smile, but still, it is an outcome most would welcome! The real issue is that poor oral hygiene can lead to various issues that can become quite severe if left untreated. This includes cavities, gum diseases and infections, all of which could cause a fair amount of pain to patients. Regular check-ups and preventive care are the cornerstones of a healthy mouth and the best way to avoid future complications. 

Now, let’s explore some of the fascinating dental procedures that could help you secure that smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Apisectomy (Fillings)

Apisectomy, commonly known as dental fillings, is a procedure aimed at repairing and restoring damaged teeth affected by cavities. Cavities, largely caused by bacteria in the mouth, result in the erosion of tooth enamel. During an Apisectomy, the surgeon removes the decayed portion of the tooth and fills the cavity with a durable material, such as amalgam or composite resin. This prevents further decay and helps to restore the tooth structure.

Regular dental check-ups are crucial for the early detection of cavities, allowing for a prompt reaction to prevent the progression of dental decay.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are revolutionary in the field of restorative dentistry. They offer a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. The procedure involves surgically placing titanium implants into the jawbone, which serve as artificial tooth roots. These implants fuse with the bone over time, creating a sturdy foundation for prosthetic teeth.

Dental implants can restore your natural appearance, but they can also prevent bone loss by supporting the integrity of surrounding teeth. They are a long-lasting and reliable solution for those seeking a complete and durable tooth replacement option.


A Frenectomy surgery is focused on removing a band of tissue called the frenulum. The frenulum can be found in various areas of the mouth, including under the tongue (lingual frenulum) or between the upper front teeth (labial frenulum). In some cases, an overly tight frenulum can restrict normal movement, causing issues such as speech impediments. A Frenectomy helps alleviate these concerns by releasing the tension in the frenulum, leading to an improved range of motion.

Orthodontic Attachment (Wires Attached to Tooth)

Orthodontic attachments involve the placement of brackets and wires on the teeth to correct misalignments and achieve that perfectly aligned bite. As you might have noticed, the benefits of dental procedures often go far beyond a bright smile. Orthodontic attachments in particular address functional issues such as bite irregularities and jaw misalignments. This procedure is particularly personalised to each individual’s needs, gradually shifting teeth into their proper positions over time.

Sinus Augmentation (Increase & Lifting of Bone in Sinus Area)

Sinus augmentation (sinus lift) is a procedure designed to increase and lift the bone in the sinus area, primarily in the upper jaw. This is often necessary when there is insufficient bone density for dental implant placement in the posterior upper jaw. During the surgery, the sinus membrane is lifted, and bone graft material is inserted to promote new bone growth.

Sinus augmentation ensures a stable foundation for dental implants in cases where natural bone density is inadequate. This innovative procedure has become a vital component of implant dentistry, enabling individuals with compromised bone structures to benefit from dental implants.

Prioritising your dental health is an investment in your overall quality of life. From preventive measures like regular check-ups to the restorative procedures we have discussed, there is a range of solutions to cater to each patient’s needs. 

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