Doctors Are Welcome at Centurion Day Hospital

Centurion Day Hospital has operating rooms available for surgeons who wish to avoid the stress associated with running a practice or operating within an acute facility. There are various factors to consider when you have your own business. Running your own medical practice can similarly bring about numerous complications. Doctors who are in charge of a facility are tasked with overseeing various aspects of a practice, which can become quite overwhelming over time. In most cases, professionals need to be employed to oversee areas in which a medical doctor simply does not have any expertise.  

Centurion Day Hospital offers facilities that are very well equipped and a variety of procedures can be performed on the premises. A recent study that was done abroad found that around 60% of surgical procedures conducted in an acute facility can be performed at a day hospital. The facilities within a day hospital are oftentimes more advanced as these practices are able to invest more capital into specific facilities. Surgeons can take advantage of state of the art equipment without having to worry about the maintenance of these assets.  

The risk of infection is greatly reduced. We are capable of providing a safer, more sterile environment to their patients and medical practitioners by reducing the amount of time that patients spend at the hospital, as well as patients’ proximity to one another. Patients that make use of a day hospital are also less prone to have an infectious ailment as most individuals visit the facility to have a specific procedure performed. 

Centurion Day Hospital is committed to connecting doctors and patients in the most convenient way possible. Processes have been streamlined to provide patients with efficient access to services and the option is available to schedule a procedure online. Less uncertainty in scheduling means that a day hospital can better plan and predict their daily operations. Consultation rooms are available at our facility to provide doctors with a space to consult with patients before their surgery takes place. 

Centurion Day Hospital offers advanced surgical support and well equipped medical facilities to ensure that you have everything you need to make a success of your surgery. Contact us today if you are interested in making use of our world-class facilities.